Did you know that it really pays to work with us?

If you receive a letter from us, there is no reason to stick your head in the sand. Let us find out how you can pay what you owe and avoid extra costs.


‘It is human to forget’ – Debt collection before the courts become involved
With a busy lifestyle, you can easily forget to pay a bill on time. This often happens. Companies are asking debt collection companies such as EOS to collect this kind of debt on their behalf. If the debt is to be collected before the courts get involved, we send out payment reminders or call you to remind you about an unpaid bill. At that time, the extra costs are actually quite low. Contact us as soon as possible, so that your costs do not increase.


‘It may end up costing more…’ – Processing by the courts

If you do not respond to the payment reminders, a creditor can take legal action and go to court. Therefore, companies seek the help of EOS. Our experienced staff members then go to the court obtain a judgment against you, which confirms what you owe and informs you of what you must pay. It costs money to get a judgment, as lawyers and courts must be paid for their work. Get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can avoid legal action and keep the costs as low as possible.