Have you received a letter from us, but you don’t know why? Let us try to explain


There is usually a simple reason why we would write to you: If you have not paid a bill on time, the original creditor asks us to collect the amount that you owe, which is why you received a letter from us and not the original creditor, e.g. your telephone company. Take another look at the letter. You can probably see the name of the company to which you owe money.


Together, we will find a solution.

We realise that people sometimes forget to pay a bill, or that a financial situation or circumstances may mean that customers cannot pay all outstanding bills at once. Sometimes, payments are not made because an invoice was never issued.

Whatever the situation in your case, let’s talk about it. Contact us and we will find the best way to resolve your case.

You can also log in here to learn more about your financial obligations or to make a payment.

Learn more about debt collection and why it’s a good idea to work with us to find a solution. Do you have any other questions? Get in touch with us.